2 Jul. 2012

I am not sure how long this blog will remain in dormancy, whether it will ever pull the stone out of its bum and remerge from the cave. It grew, in a sense, through a symbiotic relationship with the downtime-rich desk job that I had in my mid twenties. Nowadays I am more likely to sputter idle thoughts and condensations on twitter (@h_e_l_e_n_j), and more sustained texts that I pen tend to appear on my web page.

24 Jan. 2012

Malcolm Turnbull

Turnbull gets interesting, in a veiled sort of a way, in a speech at the 2012 Young Liberals Conference.
'It is important to remember that these economic principles will always be tempered by practicality, as great Liberal economic such as John Howard or Peter Costello demonstrated from time to time. Commitment to our economic principles is not justified by ideology but by a hard headed, practical analysis of what will deliver the greatest economic opportunities for our whole community.

10 Oct. 2011

The Monthly

I wish the writers in the Monthly wouldn't so tirelessly quote and refer to one another. It really undercuts the publication's credibility.

As for the special October 'arts issue,' 1) how surprising that two of the three visual arts 'masterpieces' of the past decade were produced by artists represented by the publisher's wife; 2) they have managed to miscredit their own cover image (as mentioned in the writeup, the image shows Blanchett in Richard II, not War of the Roses); 3) despite this being the arts issue, all the arts stuff is still in the very back of the magazine.
That all said though, Ann Summers' piece on Andrew Bolt is worth the read.

28 Jul. 2011

Letter to the editor

Regarding the Tasmanian economy...

To Whom it May Concern,

What has become clear to all parties with an interest in the Tasmanian forests debate is that there is no longer a viable industry to be derived from native forest (in environmental terms there never was, but it is now the case that nor is native forest harvesting economically viable). As evidenced in the recent situation around the sale of the Triabunna woodchip mill, the industry that regional Tasmania will be turning to as it transitions away from logging is tourism. This begs the question as to whether the federal government would wish upon the people of regional Tasmania the task of attempting to establish a broader tourism network in a state that is all but depleted of its natural resources, not least among them its majestic old-growth forests; wisdom dictates that what remain of Tasmania's natural wonders should be conserved at all costs, to ensure the health of the state's future economy as much as the environment.

Yours sincerely,
Helen Johnson

11 Jun. 2011

Regarding Christian Marclay's work at Venice

It makes perfect sense that cinema, the time-based medium, should have been singing a secret hymn to time all along, and Marclay has registered and compiled it. Time is the god of cinema.

2 Jun. 2011

It's a sign of the age

Once again the subbing at The Age shows itself to be a cut above the rest... Ahem...

10 May 2011

'To spread the opportunities of the boom,' ie. Some people can have jobs, and all the money from the raping of the landscape continues to be funnelled into the pockets of the stupidly rich despite our desperately struggling infrastructure and virtually non-existent sustainability strategy, continuing poor living conditions and opportunities for indigenous peoples, housing unaffordability, soaring cost of living, shortage of hospital beds, it goes on.

This government consists of weak, bigoted, myopic scum. This is not management.

Julia Gillard SUCKS

'From there, Treasury's budget documents project two more years of meagre surpluses, even though Australia should be enjoying ''the largest mining investment boom in its history"; leading to one of the catch-phrases of this year's budget – Australia ''patchwork economy''.'

Wayne Swan SUCKS

'Far from clearing quickly from the government's books, the GFC is continuing to savage revenue, so much so Treasury's estimate of its impact has grown a whopping $20 billion since its mid-year economic forecast just six months ago.'

You mean, when Gillard cut a deal with the mining corporations.

5 May 2011

So those greedy incompetents at Metro have come up with a new strategy of seasonal timetabling: 'our new autumn timetable can be collected from any premium station.'
This autumn, we are adopting a minimalist approach, trimming the fat and keeping services to a bare minimum...
Leave out the marketing and just run our transport system properly, you c*nts!

3 May 2011

Abbottabad, Gillardajustasbad.

Seriously though, if Hamid Karzai had given orders for, say, Cheney and his attendees to be stormed and annihilated (on account of the deaths of thousands of Afghani civilians), and Afghanis were seen partying in the streets, the West would be all over it, saying 'Animals! We must retaliate!'

27 Mar. 2011

Grammar, Barry!
"We won tonight seats not only have we not won before, we won tonight seats we'd not dreamed of ever winning," he said to cheers.

26 Mar. 2011

22 Mar. 2011

Dave Duchovny as Hank:
'Baby, I didn't mean to force moisture from your face.'
When I was 6, Material Girl by Madonna was my favourite song. 'We are living in a material world' made me imagine this whole world made of different sorts of print fabrics, it was great.

17 Mar. 2011

No mention in this article about the possibility of a connection between the Australian dollar going arse-up and the fact that Australia provides Japan with massive amounts of uranium.

14 Mar. 2011

The best thing about Gossip Girl is the way it insistently, almost autistically reiterates the message that money and luxury are not in themselves conducive to happiness.