11 Jun. 2011

Regarding Christian Marclay's work at Venice

It makes perfect sense that cinema, the time-based medium, should have been singing a secret hymn to time all along, and Marclay has registered and compiled it. Time is the god of cinema.

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sarinah said...

the oddest thing about the clock for me was that even though it is on the one hand about time and cinema, the very nature of keeping time works against the nature of losing time, of being swallowed up and letting the time of the film take over.

i watched about four hours of the clock. it was fun, i knew some shots and not others, i felt good when i could spot which different sound clips and visual clips had been matched together, but knowing exactly what time it was and how long i'd been there was an odd experience. it seemed in the end, to be more about filing and systems of order than film, of worldly rather than otherworldy experiences.